Gustos Reserva La Montaña 8oz. (227g)

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Gustos Reserva La Montaña 8oz. (227g)

Gustos Reserva  La Montaña Yauco, Puerto Rico

Winner of Taza de Oro de Puerto Rico •  Cup of Excellence 2019-2020

This limited Specialty Coffee selection comes from a small plot of land in our farm known as sector La Montaña, located at the farthest northern peaks of Yauco, Puerto Rico in Barrio Río Prieto. A close neighbor to Adjuntas, Lares and Maricao; La Montaña is a land rich in coffee history dating back to Puerto Rico's golden age of coffee production.

We are delighted to share this limited specialty coffee , awarded for its full body, perfectly balanced roast and outstanding sweetness.

Tasting Notes

• Sweet Chocolate
• Caramel
• Medium acidity
• Full body
• Clean cup finish

Altitude: 3,100 ft

Class : Single Origin, Specialty Coffee

Taza de Oro / Cup of Excellence 2019-2020

Sector La Montaña, Yauco Puerto Rico

Process : Sun-dried

Roast : Medium

  • Whole Bean (Café en Grano)

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