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Gustos Reserva Adjuntas 8oz. (227g)

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Gustos Reserva Adjuntas 8oz. (227g)

The City of the “Sleeping Giant” and the “Tierra de Lagos” is home to one of the most beautiful forest reservations, including the sixth tallest peak and eleven fresh water lakes, in the island of Puerto Rico.

A land rich in agricultural history blessed by the Cordillera Central mountainous region, it’s cool consistent weather and heavy yearly rainfall give Adjuntas a unique micro-climate unlike anywhere else. We are proud to have this limited, single-origin harvest for you to enjoy.

Tasting Notes

  • Sweet plum and chocolate
  • Light toasted sesame notes
  • Clean and balanced cup
  • Smooth body and light acidity

Altitude: 2,200 - 2,500 ft 

Class: Single Origin Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

Process: Washed 

Roast: Medium

  • Whole Bean (Café en Grano)

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