Grosche Silicone Gasket for 3 Cup

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Grosche Silicone Gasket for 3 Cup

Set of 3 replacement silicone gaskets for 3 cup stovetop espresso makers

This is a set of three (3) replacement silicone gaskets (pressure seals) for a stovetop espresso maker, also called an Italian coffee maker, Moka Pot or Greca.  The seals are made from heatproof silicone and are of a standard size, making them a universal fit for all brands. And these are the replacement parts that need to be replaced periodically.

Universal sizing

The silicone seals (stovetop espresso maker gaskets)  are a standard size. So they should fit all brands including GROSCHE™, Bialetti™, Le Cafetiere™ or any other major brands. But you do have to be sure that you purchase the correct size.

I have a white rubber gasket in my espresso maker, will this gasket fit?

Many older coffee makers used rubber gaskets. Those are usually cheaper and don’t last as long as the silicone gaskets. Since they are made of hard rubber they tend to harden and leak much sooner than silicone rubber gaskets.  As long as you purchase the correct size, you should be fine with the silicone gaskets to replace the rubber ones.

How often should I change the moka pot seals?

It is recommended that these be changed ever 4 to 6 months in a aluminum coffee pot. Especially if it is in regular use. All seals can eventually crack or get damaged due to continuous tightening and heat and pressure. So they should be replaced for a good, safe seal as needed.


  • Suitable for 3 cup sizes
  • 3 replacement silicone seals
  • Universal design 
  • Made of durable and long-lasting silicone 

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