Gustos Reserva Las Marías 8oz. (227g)

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Gustos Reserva Las Marías 8oz. (227g)
Gustos Reserva Las Marías 8oz. (227g)

Gustos Reserva | Las Marías Puerto Rico

El “Pueblo de la china dulce” resides in the western region of Puerto Rico, at the foothills of the Cordillera Central mountain chain, neighbor to the legendary coffee towns of Maricao and Lares. A varied climate, steep mountain slopes and it’s many fresh water springs give Las Marías a unique year-round weather, perfect for coffee production.

We are grateful to have this unique limited harvest, medium roasted to peak flavor highlighting the best our land has to offer.

Tasting Notes

Hints of toasted almond and creamy chocolate are complimented by a smooth body and a clean, balanced cup.

Altitude: 1,800 ft

Class: Single Origin, Las Marías Puerto Rico

Process: Washed 

Roast: Medium

Whole Bean 8 oz

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